December 29, 2011

9391 Pneumatic MOD

Last week the new Technic Sets arrived at the market and I was curious about the new turntable on the 9391. After finishing the construction, I immediately  began to mod.

I'm a huge fan of LEGO® pneumatics, so the crane has to be lifted by small Pneumatic Cylinders (x189c01). A Small Pump (x191c01) is used in combination with a Technic Engine Crankshaft (2853) in order to achieve a 1L displacement.

Here is the result:

Small Pump in the middle, two Small Cylinders and the Switch 
A 20T meshes with a 12T, so less turns on the crank are needed
Crankshaft with only 1/2L to use the space efficiently
I also made two videos of the pump turning and lifting the boom.

More detailed pictures to be found on Brickshelf.
You can also download the LDD-File directly.

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